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Rob Roy,presents
Fibonacci Trasure Map

The first step to take when learning something new is to MASTER THE BASICS!
If you don’t focus on the fundamentals and make sure you have a firm foundation,
your chances to advance to the next level are slim.
But... once the fundamentals are securely in place,
you will be ready to ascend to a higher level.

That’s what BetterTrades education coach Robert Roy has done with the

FIbonacci Treasure Map

As a harmonic trader, Robert Roy has taught the foundational concepts of Fibonacci analysis to thousands of students over the years.
He is considered to be one of the premier instructors of
Fibonacci analysis in the country.
He even produced a best-selling DVD series that was designed to help students establish a firm basis for their Fibonacci training and better understand how the analysis works.

Now, based on requests from his students,

He has produced The Fibonacci Treasure Map
an advanced DVD series that reinforces what you already know about Fibonacci analysis and adds advanced techniques and skills that will increase your acumen in this important area.

Among the topics that are covered in this
information-packed 3-DVD set are:

This is Rob’s proprietary name for the target that is defined by combining Fibonacci analysis and pivots, where a stock may make a key move. By learning how to put both of these skills together, you have the potential to better define your entry and exit points.

Standard deviations:
Chart analysis is a crucial skill. You must be able to read a chart. But what if you don’t have the most appropriate settings on your charts? If that happens, you run the risk of making decisions on bad information. Rob will teach you the preferred settings when using Fibonacci. 

Moving averages:
In this DVD series, Rob will teach you how to incorporate the information you get from moving averages into your Fibonacci research. This could be the difference in making the right or wrong decision. This section alone could save you from making a wrong move.

Fibonacci Trading Map - Robert Roy

Robert calls himself a “harmonic trader,” one who teaches students how to take advantage of the current market conditions. He’s especially fond of helping students learn how to use Fibonacci lines in their technical trading analysis and showing them how to find and use covered call opportunities. Rob also enjoys teach students how to identify and analyze opportunities by using pivots points. Rob’s enthusiasm and encouragement make him one of the company’s most popular instructors.

In the Fibonacci Treasure Map, Rob introduces plenty of
brand new material that he’s never taught before.
The DVDs will included some advanced techniques that Rob has developed specifically for this class,
including the Overnight Fibonacci Pattern and the Zero Line Breakout Trade.
Understanding these two trades alone makes this educational set a must-have!

Rob will even take his popular 4-3-2-1 exit strategy and expound on it.
Rob has taught this exit strategy for years in a variety of online and live classes.
Now he’s put an advanced twist on the tactic so you can have the potential to make greater strides.
FIbonacci Treasure Map
With these great DVDs you’ll be able to take your basic understanding of
Fibonacci analysis and start building on it.
With the information you’ll learn with this DVD series,
you’ll be able to accelerate your usage of Fibonacci analysis in your trading.

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